Assistance and Tips for your Safety Orientation.

  • I signed up, but cannot login? 
    You must confirm your account by clicking the registration link emailed to you.  If you did not receive your notification, be sure that it was not flagged as SPAM. Sometimes it will take a minute or two for the system to process and transmit the notification.
  • The Green arrow did not appear, how do I take my quiz? 
    ANSWER You need to watch the entire video until the end, to initiate the link to the quiz questions (via the green arrow below the video).  If your device has gone into sleep mode, and you have watched the entire video, REFRESH or RELOAD the page to trigger the green arrow.  You are able to skip forward and backward, however your recorded  viewing time must be greater than the total duration time of the video.  
  • I watched the video in full-screen mode, but the arrow never appeared.
    You must close out of full-screen mode in order to view the green arrow from the website page.  As well, you may need to refresh or reload the page to see the arrow and this assumes you've watched in its entirety.
  • I had to pause my orientation to finish it later; do I have to start over? 
    ANSWER: No. 
    You may pause your orientation at any time and the system will have a record of your last completed SECTION even if you log out.  When you log back in, click on the "PROCEED . . ." to orientation button and go to the SECTION where you left off to complete the remaining steps.  
  • I am on my phone and do not see any navigation links to sign up or start my orientation.
    There is a green box with a small white icon on the upper left hand side of your mobile device.  Tapping this will trigger the sidebar navigation menu with options for language and links to other pages on the site.
  • I finished the orientation, but I cannot locate my certificate.  How do I access my certificate?
    A certificate is only available after you provide feedback on the orientation.  Make sure you are logged into the account that successfully completed the orientation. Under the top menu, there is a link for Results & Certificate.  You can also visit the SECTION LIST and click on the Feedback section which will link to your certificate.
  • The site is showing my project site is Rahway/Kenilworth, but I do not see the button to take site specific training.  How can I see the button?
    Please visit the "Update Your Account" page, select another project site and click update, then click your preferred site again and click update once more. You will now see the button to proceed.

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